7 Jul 2007

Pacific church leaders condemn ignorance of climate change

8:26 am on 7 July 2007

A panel of Pacific church leaders who in the past week have listened to the plight of the countries most affected by climate change have come out strongly against those who ignore the reality of the situation.

The panel has been listening to cases presented by Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands on how climate change is threatening their very existence.

The media officer for the conference Reverend James Bagwhan says the countries presented strong cases and that was reflected in the reaction from the panel of judges.

"And it was also made clear by the panel that both the developed and developing countries must take action now both to mitigate climate change and to adapt to the inevitable negative environmental social and economic impact of climate change and then they gave a list of eight recommendations."

This included to advocate for regional policy giving citizens most affected by climate change especially sea level rise, the rights to resettle in other Pacific Island nations or regional countries of their choice.