6 Jul 2007

American Samoa seeking funds for pay rises for teachers

9:52 am on 6 July 2007

The chairman of American Samoa's Senate Education Committee Alo Dr. Paul Stevenson says a revenue source must be found to pay for salary increases for teachers.

The Committee has been hearing presentations from Department of Education Director Dr. Claire Poumele, and deputy directors Filo Jennings and Aomalo Manupo Turituri concerning the teacher salary reclassification plan.which ties salaries to credentials and performance

The department believes it can secure half of the $9.4 million needed to pay the increases but needs $4.4 million from local revenues.

Alo says the committee is reviewing whether the money can be raised by increasing existing taxes or a new tax measure.

He said the Senate hates to add a further burden on the public but it may not have a choice.