5 Jul 2007

Cooks dengue epidemic is over

6:50 pm on 5 July 2007

The Cook Islands Ministry of Health says its dengue epidemic is now over.

From 2005, the number of reported dengue cases in the country had reached about 1,400.

The secretary of health, Doctor Roro Daniel, says the country has thorough plans in place to combat dengue as well as public awareness campaigns which have helped prevent the spread of the virus.

He says no new cases of dengue have been reported since May.

"The main focus is to ensure there is a reduction in the mosquito breeding areas. Any cases that has been confirmed as positive case of dengue is reported to the public health inspectors and then immediately they are required to go to that premises and spray the compound with insecticide."

Doctor Daniel says some have not been happy with the use of the insecticide spray.

But he says the ministry liaises closely with the World Health Organisation and other experts who have leading roles in the control of dengue.