4 Jul 2007

TBC wants to get back into Tonga's Parliament

7:04 am on 4 July 2007

The Tonga Broadcasting Commission's general manager says a procedural oversight has led to reporters being locked out of parliament.

Elenoa Amanaki says Radio Tonga and Television Tonga have been kept out of parliament for over two weeks, instead relying on published parliamentary reports for information.

She says unfortunately this was due to the TBC's failure to follow proper procedure to get direct access to parliament, which is required annually.

"I thought it was just normal that we just continue but that now I know and I've been told that I will have to do the request as done in past years, and I have done that this week, so I hope it will resume."

Elenoa Amanaki says parliament now has to grant them access again.

Last week the prime ministers adviser said it hadn't issued a media ban and that broadcasting had resumed.

But it was referring to its weekend programme, and not to the TBC's independent coverage of parliament.