4 Jul 2007

Cook Islands health authorities pleased with lift in budget allocation

6:16 am on 4 July 2007

The Cook Islands ministry of health has welcomed an increase in its budget and plans to introduce a number of health projects.

The government passed its new budget last Friday, with major increases in health, policing and tourism funding, and in the development of the outer islands.

The health budget has been increased by about 1 point two million US dollars.

The secretary of health, Dr Roro Daniel, embraces the total health budget of about eight million US dollars and says there are a few areas it needs to focus on.

"The health of women, the health of men, the area of non-communicable diseases, in which we are not happy about what is happening right now, and then there is the area of communicable diseases, such as TB, HIV/AIDS, and adolescent health. These are the areas on which we are going to work on and improve."

The Cook Islands secretary of health, Dr Roro Daniel.