29 Jun 2007

Solomons' resort owner says he may export more live dolphins.

10:07 am on 29 June 2007

The owner of Gavutu Resort on Gella in Solomon Islands, Christopher Potter, says that he has never said there would be no more exports of dolphins despite media reports to the contrary.

The Canadian found himself in at the centre of an international controversey when he exported 20 dolphins from Solomons to Mexico three years ago.

Mr Potter has since won a court battle with government challenging a export ban imposed by the Kemakeza government after the controversial export.

Now he says they are reviewing the opportunity to export dolphins again, based on scientific data and in line with government guidelines and international regulations.

"The export helps fund us community projects, the projects of the resort that I would like to continue to pursuit, we're also working on a project with the fishing village for a fishing vesse so a local company has the opportunity to partake in, to fish, and programmes like that in the outer islands of Malaita and some of the smaller communities there."