27 Jun 2007

Guam indigenous movement calls on US to address self-determination

1:50 pm on 27 June 2007

The group representing Guam's indigenous people, Nation Chamorro, has called on the United States to address their right to self-determination.

Representatives from the group and other Chamorros appeared before the United Nations Committee on Decolonisation last week to push Guam's self-determination aspirations, in light of the pending US military buildup.

However, Guam's Commission on Decolonisation has criticised the delegation for acting on its own in the bid for self-determination.

The Commission says a concerted and unified effort is needed to advance the cause, but admits it is hampered by a lack of political will among Guam's elected leaders.

Nation Chamorro's Debbie Quinata says this is partly because the leaders feel controlled by the US, which is the main obstacle in this process.

"I think that the Commission on Decolonisation at the UN finds itself in the same predicament - the US will not come to the table and discuss the situation. At the UN, I think that we have gained a great alliance with the international community and their representation. Has it done anything for us? I don't think so."