27 Jun 2007

Tonga government spokesman says gag report incorrect

10:06 am on 27 June 2007

An advisor to the Tonga prime minister says there was no gag order placed on reporting by the Tonga Broadcasting Commission.

Lopeti Senituli, says it was a case of misreporting by a TBC parliamentary reporter.

"No I think we've made it very very clear the government did not place a gag order and it was all a mistake on the part of staff at the Tonga Broadcasting Commission."

Lopeti Senituli says the reporter concerned has offered an apology to the prime minister.

He adds that the TBC is free to report on affairs and programmes are running as usual.

He says some cabinet ministers expressed concern to the TBC about what they considered incidences of unbalanced reporting of parliament, but had not imposed a media ban.