26 Jun 2007

Fiji Public Service Commission plans ten percent workforce reduction

5:01 pm on 26 June 2007

The Fiji Public Service Commission, or PSC, says it plans to reduce the public sector workforce by ten percent as part of its restructuring programme.

The interim administration has made the reduction of the public sector a priority and started the programme this week.

The deputy secretary of the PSC, Tom Lee, says it plans to reduce the 24,000-strong workforce by ten percent through redeployment.

"We would have 2,000 vacancies caused through natural attrition, we would had the revision of the retirement age from 60 to 55 and we have officers who would retire at the end of this year or beginning of next year. Those in priority sectors, like education and health, law and justice, they would be filled either internally or externally."

Tom Lee says vacancies in non-priority ministries will not be advertised.

Mr Lee says the interim regime has reduced the number of ministries from 24 to 16.

He says there are no plans to decrease them further.