26 Jun 2007

American Samoa Congressman says United States unfair to Fiji

7:08 am on 26 June 2007

American Samoa's congressman in Washington, Faleomavaenga Eni Hunkin, says America has wronged Fiji in its reaction to the military takeover.

The Fiji Times quotes Faleomavaenga as saying he has initiated a review of United States laws relating to sanctions its President can place on countries that have undergone a coup.

He says the review of US laws would consider the fact that the President waived the sanctions requirements for Pakistan, but not for Fiji or Thailand.

Faleomavaenga says the United States government has "double standards in its foreign policy.

He says General Musharraf took power in a coup in Pakistan six years ago and to this day no elections have been held.

Faleomavaenga says if he feels US laws are unfair after the review, he will initiate legislation to amend them.