26 Jun 2007

Activists tell UN committee to pay closer attention to Guam following US buildup

6:57 am on 26 June 2007

Activists from Guam have told a United Nations committee on non-self governing territories to pay closer attention to Guam, in light of the pending military buildup.

The Guam delegation told the UN Special Committee of 24, that the island continues to be a colony of the United States.

The UN committee was created to consider appropriate types of self-government models for the world's 16 remaining non-self governing territories, which include Guam.

The delegation say the United States is refusing to respect the people's right to self-determination.

An activist, Sabina Flores Perez, says it is time for the UN and the international

community to respond to Guam.

Ms Perez says it is essential to ensure that all the accomplishments on behalf of decolonization and self-determination be maintained.