25 Jun 2007

Tokelau to receive first shipment of fuel from American Samoa

1:57 pm on 25 June 2007

After two years of discussions, Tokelau is getting its first shipment of fuel from American Samoa.

More than 70,000 U.S. dollars worth of fuel is being shipped to the atolls on the MV Sili which left for its quarterly trip to Swains island over the weekend.

Swains Representative, Alexander Jennings, says the trading link with Tokelau will bring economic benefits for American Samoa.

"I want to make this, if not more fequent, at least, at very least, once a quarter on my trips. That generates more revenue for us and alos for our economy and this is probably going to be a very, very good opportunity for our locals, for the fuel company, for our ports and stuff to utilise to try to get goods up to Toklau."

Swains Representative, Alexander Jennings