22 Jun 2007

Fiji netball in disarray after threatened no-confidence motion against national President

10:24 am on 22 June 2007

Suva Netball President, Milika Munivai, has told the Fiji Times embattled Netball Fiji president Alice Tabete is using the sport's constitution as a shield.

In ongoing ructions within Fiji netball, Suva has lead the charge to try and gain a vote of no-confidence in Tabete at the next council meeting

Tabete has said any attempt to oust her is unconstitutional because a number of associations haven't paid their fees and our Fiji correspondent, Satish Narain says she has a strong argument

"I believe she will now charge a few of those executives who have been banging the drum behind her back. (She) will charge them for bringing the game into disrepute. It seems there are two factions in Netball Fiji. Alice has still got the support. Only time will tell. When the vote of no-confidence comes up, it will be challenged by the law and the constitution."