19 Jun 2007

Nauru's planned constitutional changes could go to Parliament this week

3:07 pm on 19 June 2007

Nauru's Finance Minister, David Adeang, says proposed changes to the country's constitution are ready to be tabled in parliament.

A 36-member convention has been discussing recommendations put forward by a constitutional review commission after a series of public meetings last year.

Those meetings indicated concern about financial mismanagement and accountability.

Mr Adeang says the convention's completed report has been submitted to the speaker of parliament.

He says as Finance Minister, he's pleased with its recommendations.

"[I was] thoroughly encouraged by the convention's recommendations on provisions that related to finance provisions in the constitution. They accepted them wholesale which, to me, strengthens good governance, and allows less room for governments in the future to mess around with the treasury funds; and particularly enhances the budgeting process to give it greater accountability and transparency."

Mr Adeang says the recommendations will be tabled in parliament when it sits again, which could be as early as tomorrow.