14 Jun 2007

PNG chapter of Tranparency International warns of public anger over corruption

10:07 am on 14 June 2007

The Papua New Guinea chapter of Transparency International is warning there could be a violent revolt if corrupt public servants and politicians are not weeded out and appropriately punished.

The secretary of TI PNG, Richard Kassman, says the country's leaders need to be mindful of the riots in Tonga and Solomon Islands last year.

He says when the anti corruption body conducted awareness sessions around the country over the new electoral system, there was a consistent angry cry that prominent people or those in senior positions can evade censure.

Mr Kassman says the people's anger is very real.

"You just can't underestimate the anger of the little people. I am concerned about it. The tourism brochures called Solomons Islands the islands of love. Tonga - it just came from totally left field the level of violence in those countries. I think that the potential is here for that combustion to explode."