13 Jun 2007

PNG election candidate stabbed to death in Enga province

5:54 pm on 13 June 2007

A candidate contesting the general elections in Papua New Guinea later this month has been stabbed to death, while there were reports of an apparent attempt on the life of the Deputy Prime Minister Don Polye.

The two incidents happened in different locations in Enga Province earlier this week.

The National newspaper reports, Ananias Popo, who was standing for the Chuave Open seat in Chimbu province was stabbed to death in Wabag on Monday afternoon.

The paper reports he was in Enga to visit his family, when he was attacked by a man who demand he pay for renovations done on his in a village just outside Wabag.

The report says local police have confirmed the killing and that they are holding a suspect.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister Don Polye was rushed from a rally by bodyguards after a rival candidate allegedly began firing a pistol into the crowd.

Mr Polye says he would have been a dead man if his police bodyguards and supporters had not shielded him.

The incident happened during a weekend rally in his Kandep electorate, in Enga.

Mr Polye told the Post Courier newspaper that he saw a candidate firing shots using a revolver.