12 Jun 2007

Honolulu judge summons American Samoa witnesses in Kelemete case

9:25 am on 12 June 2007

A federal judge in Honolulu has ordered American Samoa jail warden Saitia S. Moliga to turn two inmates over to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service.

Jailed inmates Suafala Williams and Tauina Olamanulo are to testify in the case of former warden Mika Kelemete set for July 24 at the federal court in Honolulu.

Williams and Olamanulo are two of the inmates who witnessed the alleged beating of inmate Sopa Siagigi by Kelemete in August 2003.

The local FBI office will work in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety and the Attorney General's Office to coordinate the transfer of the two inmates to Honolulu.