7 Jun 2007

Nauru's carrier stops Marshalls flights

2:12 pm on 7 June 2007

Nauru's national carrier, Our Airline, says it has no choice but to stop its service to the Marshall Islands.

The Chief Executive Officer of the airline, Geoff Bowmaker, says since recommencing services to Majuro last October, it has been struggling to fill its 130-seater jet aircraft.

The last flight into the Marshall's capital will be on July 2nd.

Mr Bowmaker says another problem was Fiji's decision last year to deny the airline landing rights for flights from Kiribati, after having successfully operated that service for more than 25 years.

"We had to discontinue the service between Tarawa and Fiji in particular, and that was a basis on which a lot of the traffic would travel, and so without that the numbers were much less and you know we have had to make that decision that we terminate that service."

The Chief Executive Officer of Our Airline, Geoff Bowmaker.