6 Jun 2007

Charges expected this week against former American Samoa bank officers

9:14 am on 6 June 2007

The Attorney General's Office in American Samoa expects to file charges this week against four former ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank employees in connection with funds missing from the ANZ branch in Ofu, Manu'a.

The Samoa News quotes Assistant Attorney General, Moi Masaniai, as saying that the charges against the individuals range from stealing to embezzlement, but declined to comment further.

The newspaper says one of the individuals was a supervisor who was aware of the employees' mismanagement of the funds.

Samoa News says that it has been alleged that the employees were loaning money to customers and themselves, and the funds in question are estimated in the thousands of dollars.

The ANZ branch in Ofu has been closed for more than a month because of the theft.