25 May 2007

American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce welcomes efforts to get NZ business there

11:11 am on 25 May 2007

American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce is welcoming efforts to get New Zealanders interested in doing business there.

This week New Zealand's Trade commissioner, Michael Greenslade, visited the territory for talks on the matter.

The Chamber President David Robinson says the commissioner's visit should help to entice more Kiwi businesses there.

But he says there are still issues to finalise, including any incentives under the current tax regime, immigration policies and details surrounding land tenure and availability.

Mr Robinson says the territory must offer decent concessions before a package can be presented to potential business investors in New Zealand.

"There are quite a number of companies in New Zealand who are interested in hearing all about American Samoa and thanks to the initiative of the Governor and other people who have visited New Zealand from here. We're going to be getting the American Samoa name on the investment map."

The President of American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce, David Robinson.