22 May 2007

Common Cause American Samoa calls for minimum wage hike

6:20 am on 22 May 2007

The interest group, Common Cause American Samoa, says it supports the bill before the US congress that would increase the local minimum wage.

Common Cause President says the only voices heard so far are those of government leaders opposing an increase.

But its president, Ben Teo, says the cannery workers, who are the largest group of private sector employees, deserve a hike in pay.

He says their money goes back into the economy.

"They ride the aiga bus, they get their pay cheque, they pay taro fa'i and pawpaw from our local market here, they buy their groceries from the local stores, pay the utility bills at ASPA, pay the four-percent minimum wage ASG, the money is going right back into the economy."

Ben Teo says top earners don't invest most of their money in American Samoa.