22 May 2007

NZ-based Fiji India Association critical of India's support of Fiji regime

6:14 am on 22 May 2007

A member of the Fiji India Association in New Zealand has condemned India's continued support of Fiji.

The Indian prime minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, is reported to have pledged his government's continuing assistance in areas such as military co-operation, the sugar industry, health, tourism, and information technology.

The association's vice president Salim Singh says India should refrain from giving any assistance to Fiji until it returns to democracy.

"My personal reaction is that what the India government is doing is repugnant to every moral fibre and instinct of my body, in that the current government of Fiji is illegal. It has been formed after the overthrow of a democratically elected government and the Indian government should've resiled from giving any assistance to Fiji at this stage until that country returns to democracy."

Salim Singh, of the Fiji Indian Association in Wellington