21 May 2007

Relief supplies still needed by those affected by Solomons earthquake and tsunami

6:17 am on 21 May 2007

Many of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami on Ranongga island, in Solomons Islands Western Province are said to be desperate for relief assistance.

A spokesperson for the Ranongga Disaster Fundraising Committee, Mambo Fangaria told the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, that is why community members living in Honiara have started to raise money.

Mr Fangaria says despite the enormous relief assistance provided by the international community and locally in the Western and Choiseul provinces, many victims still do not have access to the assistance.

As an example, he said many on Ranongga island whose homes were washed away by the tsunami waves, have not been able to get tents for shelter.

He has appealed to the people of Ranongga island and members of the public in Honiara to support the committee's fundraising efforts which he says will continue within the months ahead.