17 May 2007

Tobacco wholesaler dismissive of Cooks tobacco bill

4:35 pm on 17 May 2007

A tobacco wholesaler in the Cook Islands says the proposed tobacco bill impinges on people's freedom of choice.

The proposed bill, which has just been completed by the Crown Law for parliament's consideration, will, if enacted, restrict and define borders for the distribution, sale and smoking in public places.

Art Vaneijk of Sava, one of the main tobacco wholesalers in the Cook Islands, says the country doesn't have to follow overseas trends regarding smoking.

He says he doubts any legislation will change people's habits.

"Citizens of this world we should all have the rights to decide what we wish to do unless they ban the product. Im not saying smoking is good for you, don't' get me wrong that way, but its a freedom of choice."

Art Vaneijk of tobacco wholesaler, Sava.