16 May 2007

Fijian businessman hopes people will be humanely treated by military now

12:53 pm on 16 May 2007

A Fijian businessman, Ulai Taoi, says a military commander was apologetic about the treatment he had received at the army barracks when he was taken up there last week.

Mr Taoi says he received a beating from soldiers when he was questioned about an anti-military website and went on local television to show the bruising he suffered.

He was taken to the camp again but Mr Taoi says this time he was well treated and Colonel Roko Tevita Mara talked about the security concerns of the military.

"I hope that people in power would now realise the seriousness and the impact of what has happened to me. And, I just hope that through this experience, they will do things so that when people are next called up there, they are treated humanely, as professional people, they're treated as human beings rather than being prisoners."

Mr Taoi says he is compiling a report to submit to the Fiji Human Rights Commission and the police.