16 May 2007

French Polynesia's Tong Sang meets Sarkozy

12:18 pm on 16 May 2007

French Polynesia's president, Gaston Tong Sang, has held brief talks in Paris with Nicolas Sarkozy who is about to be sworn in as the next French President.

The encounter was part of preparations for a visit next month of a French Polynesian delegation which is to discuss future collaboration with France in line with commitments made by a former overseas territories minister, Francois Baroin.

Mr Tong Sang also met the new president's closest assistant, Claude Gueant [ghay-an], who assured the visitors of France's support.

Mr Tong Sang says he has been told by Brussels that it is favourable to seeing the euro being introduced as the currency of French Polynesia.

The French Pacific possessions use as money a franc issued by the IEOM whose meeting this week is also being attended by the French Polynesian economics minister, Teva Rohfritsch.