14 May 2007

Fijian businessman hopes some measures taken to limit beatings by soldiers

1:33 pm on 14 May 2007

The president of the Fijian Indigenous Business Council, Ulai Taoi, says he's speaking out about his beating from the military in the hope some control is brought to bear on the soldiers.

Mr Taoi was taken to the military camp in Suva on Friday and punched, kicked and beaten by soldiers who were questioning him about an anti-military website.

He says he'll provide a full account of the incident to the Fiji Human Rights Commission and the Crisis centre.

Mr Taoi says he doesn't hold grudges but he thought people needed to know what occurred.

"I forgave them for what happened but I thought that it was important for the people in Fiji, and the world, to know what happened to me. It seems a lot of people who have been detained have not spoken out and I thought that perhaps by speaking out, it would enable people who are in control, to get decisions that would bring about some sort of order, that maybe measures can be taken to limit these sort of things."

Ulai Taoi