14 May 2007

Fiji chamber of commerce gives mixed picture of economy

1:32 pm on 14 May 2007

Fiji's Chamber of Commerce says the economy may experience a setback if some business areas continue to deteriorate.

The sugar and above all the tourism industry have been affected by the military takeover last year while a gold mine has been closed.

The chamber's vice-president, Humphrey Chang, says the affected areas may have a long-term impact on the overall economic situation of the country.

"It does not look all that well. Some sectors of the business are not looking too badly for that type of industry, they will continue to do well in the likes of supermarkets, the food chain stores, transportation, all that is doing fairly well with the exemption of a few areas. Until that is improved, we may have a setback."

Humphrey Chang says an increase in exports may tackle the problem short-term.