14 May 2007

Solomons Council of Trade Unions takes new steps to stop Julian Moti becoming Attorney General

12:54 pm on 14 May 2007

The Solomon Islands Council of Trade Unions is calling on the Governor General not to Administer the swearing in of the controversial lawyer, Julian Moti, as Solomon Islands' Attorney General.

The Solomon Island's Broadcasting Corporation quotes the SICTU National Secretary, Tony Kagovai, as saying the Council is totally opposed to the appointment and accuses Mr Moti of meddling in the nation's affairs for the past 15 years.

Mr Kagovai says that with his track record, Mr Moti's appointment as the country's principal legal officer would be a very dangerous and a major step backward for the nation.

Mr Kagovai says that following a special meeting, the council has written to the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, respectfully requesting him to protect the country's constitution and the independence of the legal system in this matter.

He says SICTU took action because it knows the government is planning to appoint Mr Moti regardless of his suspension by the Public Service Commission.