14 May 2007

Fiji military accused of roughing up suspected blog site operator

6:09 am on 14 May 2007

An indigenous Fijian businessman has appeared on Fiji TV showing what he says are injuries he received while in military custody for 24 hours.

Ulai Taoi was detained on Friday afternoon on suspicion of being the anonymous blogger "Fijian Black" who has been posting anti-military statements on the Internet.

Mr Taoi says he has been reading the anti-military websites referred to but does not know how to post comments on them.

He says his treatment in military custody was inhumane and he was beaten on his arms, legs and the side of his face.

Mr Taoi, who is the president of the Indigenous Fijian Business Council, says he fully understands the pressure the military are under and what their objectives are, and he has forgiven them.

The military spokesman, Major Neumi Leweni, has confirmed Mr Taoi was taken to the main military camp in Suva for information gathering on anti-military websites.