12 May 2007

Pacific Islands Forum to assess Fiji's election timetable

9:06 am on 12 May 2007

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is to carry out an independent assessment of Fiji's election timetable.

This comes five months after the military overthrew the government elected last May.

A team of experts in electoral and census processes will assess and advise on the minimum reasonable time required to prepare for, and conduct, the next parliamentary elections in Fiji.

The assessment will look at whether an election can be held based on the current boundaries and register, or whether some or all of the steps of a census, redistribution and new register need to be taken - and the timeframe in which these could be achieved.

It will also assess the need for new electoral provisions and processes, look at the current resources available in Fiji and the amount of extra resources needed to complete tasks in the minimum amount of time.

The team will meet in Suva this Monday to consult with experts and government officials, and will present their findings in June.