12 May 2007

Vanuatu calls for wider consultation on Free of Information Bill

9:12 am on 12 May 2007

The Vanuatu government is calling for wider consultation on the concept of drafting a Freedom of Information bill for the country.

First Political Advisor to the Prime Minister's Office, George Bogiri, was responding to the ongoing efforts of Transparency International Vanuatu and the Media Asosiesen blong Vanuatu in lobbying for such a bill in Vanuatu.

Mr Bogiri says the government recognises the significant role the media plays in the development process of the country, especially the role it has played to maintain political stability during the Lini government's time in office.

He called on all journalists to adhere to the code of ethics that was launched in 2006 in their reporting and encouraged everyone to do more investigative reporting.

However, he says journalists need to remember that with freedom comes responsibility.