9 May 2007

Cooks school reacts to water supply problem

1:28 pm on 9 May 2007

A school principal in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands says the school may buy water tanks after debris caused a blockage to water intakes.

On Sunday, heavy rain caused debris to block several water intakes affecting one third of the island.

The principal of St Joseph's School, Sister Celine Simon, says yesterday was the first time her school was forced to close, due to the lack of water.

She says it highlighted that a back-up water supply for the school is urgently needed.

"We are planning now supposed to have some water storage for the school. We have to have some storage for water that's why yesterday - that was the first time the problem has arise and so I thought you know we have to take at this point by all means we should have some storage for the kids in case it happens again."

Sister Celine Simon, the principal of St Joseph's School.