8 May 2007

Fiji police to retain lead in fighting crime despite fresh army role

3:37 pm on 8 May 2007

Fiji's police say they will still take the lead in dealing with an increase of crime despite a move for the military to become more involved in maintaining security.

There has been an upsurge in crime, especially in and around Suva, in recent weeks and this has prompted a call for soliders to return to checkpoints in the city.

Police Assistant Superintendent, Ulaisi Ravula, says the details of how the police and military should work together is still being discussed:

"The police will continue to take a leading role in as far as incidents to report and the maintenance of law and order. The military counterparts will only be there assist them in some of the cases where police may need the assistance of their military counterparts."

Mr Ravula says the nation's security is still being run under emergency regulations.