8 May 2007

Fiji considers ways to improve security after rise in crime

1:42 pm on 8 May 2007

Talks are underway in Fiji to try to establish how police and the military will work together to improve security.

There has been an upsurge in crime, especially in Suva, in recent weeks and this has prompted a call for a greater military involvement in enforcing the law.

Police Assistant Superintendent, Ulaisi Ravula, says the business community wants to see a return of checkpoints staffed by the military, despite the efforts of the police:

"Police are doing all its best within the resources available. As I speak right now we've managed to contain the series of these crimes, but really in Suva for the past two weeks, I think, we've managed to pull together resources within the police and strategies to combat this."

Mr Ravula says the military continues to have a presence in the main police stations around the country that has been a feature since the military takeover last December.