7 May 2007

Corruption said to be having negative impact on sport in Pacific

7:10 am on 7 May 2007

A central figure in sports training in Fiji says that corruption in adminstration is having a negative impact on the development of sport in the region.

The head of the School of Physical Education, Sports Science and Recreation at the Fiji Institute of Technology, Sam Yavala,

says too many people are getting involved in sport for selfish reasons.

He says they prioritise their own interests and neglect the true spirit of sport.

His comments come as a recent audit report revealed financial discrepancies in the Fiji Sports Council.

Mr Yavala says in recent years, Pacific countries have been learning of corrupt practices among officialdom, and sports administration has suffered because of it.

"It is quite extensive, but that's the most unfortunate thing. It really take away the angle of what we are trying to do in sport and that is to develop the energy that we have among our youth and once that has happened, we are really placed a few steps back from development."