3 May 2007

Former PNG PM Morauta hits out at government for alleged corruption

7:14 pm on 3 May 2007

A former prime minister of Papua New Guinea, Sir Mekere Morauta, says the government lacks direction, breaks laws, wastes public resources and is controlled by a power and wealth-seeking clique.

In a speech outlining his PNG Party's policies for next month's election, Sir Mekere criticised the prime minister Sir Michael Somare's stewardship over the last five years.

He says corruption is more widespread and more systemic than five years ago.

Our correspondent in Port Moresby, Alex Rheeney, says Sir Mekere was particularly critical of what he saw as the government's flouting of the Integrity Law - a measure brought in prior to the last election to try and curb party hopping.

"He says that what the government has done by accepting Michael Nali as a a minister, who was a part of the Opposition, as well as another Opposition member, is that they have undermined the whole Integrity Law and he suggested that if he did get back into government after the general elections, they will have to strengthen the Integrity Law."

Alex Rheeney