3 May 2007

TI labels PNG pay rises ludicrous and unnecessary

4:02 pm on 3 May 2007

The anti corruption group, Transparency International, has called the Papua New Guinea government's recent decision to increase retirement payouts to senior government officials ludicrous and unnecessary.

The organisation says it is not appropriate when many in the country go without basic necessities.

On the second last day of the parliamentary session, which finished this week, MPs agreed to hefty payments for former prime ministers, speakers and chief justices.

This money is to include payments for an executive assistant and personal security and also for some entertainment, travel and accommodation costs.

TI says that while other countries around the world make similar payments to past senior officials, many of these are richer countries which have already demonstrated an ability to provide basic services to the population.

It says as the PNG Government is yet to demonstrate such ability, payments such as these should not be increased until all citizens are receiving the basic services they deserve.