2 May 2007

Fiji's military clean-up should continue after elections - says academic

10:47 am on 2 May 2007

A leading Fijian academic says the military's clean-up campaign should continue after the country holds elections and returns to a democratic government.

Dr Steven Ratuva, Senior Fellow in Governance at the University of the South Pacific, has told the Fijilive news website elections should not be the only priority for Fiji.

Dr Ratuva says there is a need to ensure that the clean-up campaign continues even after the elections, perhaps in a more institutionalized form under corruption legislation.

Dr Ratuva's call comes amid international pressure for Fiji to hold elections within 24 months.

The interim administration says it needs more time to complete its campaign against corruption but has agreed to follow the guideline agreed to in the Pacific Forum's Joint Working Group.

Dr Ratuva says it s possible to hold elections within 30 months because of the need to conduct a census, have voter registration and education, draw up new electoral boundaries and carry out the ballot.