1 May 2007

PNG says Australia unfair over Moti affair

3:15 pm on 1 May 2007

The Papua New Guinea foreign minister says Australia is being unfair in demanding that PNG authorities prosecute those responsible for Australian lawyer Julian Moti's escape from PNG to Solomon Islands.

Paul Tiensten says PNG has been told that full restoration of diplomatic relations with Australia will depend on whether a PNG Defence Force inquiry report on the Moti affair is made public and those deemed responsible are prosecuted.

But the PNG prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, has said the inquiry report won't be tabled in parliament because it contained untrue information about him.

Mr Tiensten says the inquiry was set up for PNG, not anybody else.

Mr Moti evaded extradition from PNG to Australia to face child sex charges by skipping bail, hiding in the Solomon Islands High Commission then taking a clandestine PNG military flight to the Solomons last October.