1 May 2007

Fiji weblog calls on public to stay home to oppose interim regime

5:52 am on 1 May 2007

A Fiji weblog is calling on the public to stay at home today to show passive resistance against the interim regime.

There are a number of weblogs emerging in Fiji that use the web to voice their dissatisfaction with the interim regime.

A writer dubbed Fijian Black, says the public must defend their democracy and human rights, and must take some action.

However, Fijian Black says it is too dangerous to attend or organise a May Day rally, and people should show their opposition by staying at home.

"It is just a call for people who don't support this regime and support the coup in general to stay home from work, it is one day. It is just a way to protest peacefully and safely, considering that if people went out on the street with black hats, I think we would be facing our own soldiers."