30 Apr 2007

French Polynesian government could face new no confidence motion

6:18 am on 30 April 2007

Two members of French Polynesia's ruling majority have threatened to

support the opposition should it deposit a no confidence motion in the

government of Gaston Tong Sang.

This comes just two weeks after Hiro Tefaarere caused ructions within the coalition with his candidacy to be the assembly president.

A bid to oust the government earlier this year failed but the opposition has been saying for weeks that it is ready to challenge the government while still demanding fresh general elections.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"Hiro Tefareere fell out with Gaston Flosse in the latest assembly sitting over the unresolved case of a journalist who disappeared ten years ago. This prompted a suspension of the sitting to calm the dispute, but Mr Tefareere told local television he is ready to test the government's majority. The opposition hasn't moved, although there is an increased chance it could succeed in its second attempt this year to vote out the government. The outcome of the French presidential election this weekend is expected to give steer as to what moves are likely next."