30 Apr 2007

New aid agreements to improve education in Solomon Islands

6:09 am on 30 April 2007

An agreement has been signed to ensure that all children and young students in the Solomon Islands have access to good quality education, at least until year 3 of secondary education.

The three year arrangement was signed between the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of National Planning and Aid Coordination; New Zealand and the European Union.

Over the next three years New Zealand will commit 16.7 million US dollars and the European Union will commit 12.2 million US dollars for the second phase of the Education Sector Investment and Reform Programme, and the National Education Action Plan.

The new plan will also provide access to community, technical, vocational and tertiary education that will meet individual, regional and national needs for a knowledgeable, skilled, competent and complete people,

The Arrangement follows on the Joint Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Solomon Islands, EU and NZAID in June 2004.

The Solomon Islands education Minister, Dr Derek Sikua says effective implementation of the Arrangement requires an effective partnership to deliver financial resources and support for quality education.