27 Apr 2007

Solomons engineers working to remove dam water that threatens villages on Rannonga Island

9:54 am on 27 April 2007

Engineers in Solomon Islands are to consider how to clear a dam caused by a landslide following the earthquake on April 2nd in the country's western region.

Falling trees and other debris which slid off steep slopes on two ridges on opposite sides of the Kara and Kolomali rivers on Rannonga Island caused the blockage.

The national disaster management office geologists are trying to work out how to release the banked up water without posing a threat to villages close to the rivers.

The office says there is a continuing risk of further landslides in the area and is warning Kara and Kolomali villagers to be very careful of slides and to stay away from the rivers at all times in case the water is suddenly released.

At the same time, disaster officials in Gizo are warning people to be extra cautious when venturing into the bush to their gardens on the hilltops as these slopes are also highly susceptible to landslides.

Meanwhile, the community of Kara village has requested water tanks be provided because the Kara river has turned murky and polluted.