26 Apr 2007

Air traffic union says it hopes it will not have to take strike action

7:42 pm on 26 April 2007

The president of Fiji's air traffic management association, Ben Cush, is hoping they can avoid strike action and that the door is still open for talks with their employers, Airport Fiji Limited.

This follows a breakdown in talks over the sacking of Mr Cush and the general secretary over allegations of dishonesty, plans to re-recruit Traffic Air Service Limited, and over pay and rosters.

Mr Cush says Airports Fiji Ltd had been ordered by the ministry of labour to hold talks, but in the past 14 weeks they've only met once.

He says they've issued a strike notice for the 25th of May but he's hoping this can be avoided because disruption to international flights is another setback for Fiji's economy.

"Tourism is the main economy for the country of Fiji so I hope that good sense prevails and that the Ministry steps in, however I would like to make it clear that we are an essential service, so before the 25th, I'm sure that the minister for labour Mrs Bernadette Ganilau will step in and order compulsory arbitration"