26 Apr 2007

Fiji women's NGO asks UN to pressure interim government to hold elections as soon as possible

3:26 pm on 26 April 2007

The Fiji Women's Rights Movement is asking the United Nations to put pressure on the interim administration to adhere to its commitments and hold elections as soon as possible.

The movement's director, Virisila Buadromo, says she has presented their concerns to the U.N. fact finding team currently visiting Suva.

The team is talking to members of the interim administration, the deposed prime minister, other political parties, trade unions and civil society.

Ms Buadromo says they put forward their three major concerns.

"One was the support of the 1997 constitution, the stopping of all human rights violations, and the monitoring of human rights violations that have occurred following December 5th, and the return to parliamentary democracy as soon as possible."

Virisila Buadromo.