26 Apr 2007

Study shows Solomon Islands women often shut out of decision making

3:06 pm on 26 April 2007

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women says research being conducted by the University of the South Pacific into matrilineal aspects of society shows women need to be more involved in decision making.

The study focuses on women in respect of land and management of land, including development and control of it, and looked at how women make decisions within traditional structures.

A council member, Sarah Dyer, says the research, which focuses on Guadalcanal, Isabel and Makira, shows women still are not active enough in decision making at all levels.

"Although they've been in a matrilineal society, they are landowners and they need to take a closer interest in y'know finding out so that when companies or investors come in they don't just sit and y'know let the men go ahead and do the decision making and then complain later on."

The USP study also examines aspects of matrilineal society in Micronesia and Vanuatu