26 Apr 2007

Samoa government bans import of U.S turkey tail meat

9:56 am on 26 April 2007

The Samoa government has banned the import of turkey tail meat from the United States in support of health preventive measures to stop people from getting life style diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart and kidney failure.

The ban on turkey tail meat is welcomed by the chief executive officer of the Ministry of Health, Palanitina Tupuimatagi Toelupe, who is also a health educator.

Palanitina says the ban will be effective on the first of May and the government is considering whether to also ban other imported meat such as mutton flaps and chicken.

New Zealand is the main source of imported mutton flaps.

Turkey tail meat, chicken and muttons are the main types of imported meat widely used by average and low income families .

The ministry of health is concerned by the high fat content of the three different types of meat