23 Apr 2007

Samoa shipping to challenge 20 thousand Us dollar fine

7:59 am on 23 April 2007

The Samoa shipping corporation is challenging the 20 thousand US dollar fine it has paid to the American Samoa government through a lawsuit filed in the territory's high court.

The legal action has named the American Samoa government and the late Attorney general, Sialega Malaetasi Togafau, as defendants.

The action by the corporation came after the inter-island ferry, the MV Lady Naomi, was ordered to pay the fine when it was found to have transported a rugby team to Pagopago without entry permits in October last year.

The lawyer for Samoa shipping, Fa'aolesa Seiuli Katopau, says the company did not break any laws because the inter-island ferry was carrying the members of the rugby team in compliance with the immigration rules.