20 Apr 2007

Government offers cash incentives for sportspeople

9:27 am on 20 April 2007

The Samoa government will reward its sportspeople through an incentive scheme programme in the hope that it will encourage athletes and sports teams to excel in international competition.

The country's rugby sevens is the first to receive a bonus with players and officials receiving more than one thousand dollars US dollars each after winning the Hong Kong leg of the International Rugby Board series.

They also received a separate bonus of 500 US dollars each for winning the Wellington leg in February, and if they win the overall IRB World series they will receive 50-thousand US dollars to be divided equally to players and officials.

Samoa are currently second on the IRB table with two legs to play.

Meanwhile similar financial rewards for athletes and sports teams who will win gold medals in this year's South Pacific games have also been approved.

The money for the scheme will come from the government Betting and Totalisator Agency Board or TAB . Ends